Courses in English and other foreign languages

For Exchange Students ONLY!


The Faculty of Theology doesn't offer any bachelor's or master's degree study programmes in English and German languages. However, it offers several courses which are taught primarily in English (and some others also in German, Italian, Spanish).

The rest of courses is taught in Czech but lecturers can provide English materials and students will be expected to familiarise themselves with the materials and fulfil the requirements, such as making a presentation, written paper, etc. Our courses cover four main areas of study: Philosophy, Theology, Leisure Time Education and Social Work.

To be able to orientate yourselves in the courses please see these list of courses. Please be aware that the faculty Erasmus+ coordinator ( has to always prove whether the course will be opened in the particular semester.

Free Time Education - bachelor studies

Social and Charity Work - bachelor studies

Philosophy and Religious Studies - bachelor studies

Theology - bachelor studies

You may also want to use our school system STAG system, you can also attend the courses offered by other faculties with the University of South Bohemia in České Budějovice, please see this link.

You may also contact the International Relations Vice-Dean's Office in case you need more information: or .