Section of Practice

Section of Practice methodically secures practical training for students of the Faculty of Theology USB in the field of education, social and pastoral work. Thanks to this practice in organizations students acquire practical skills and experience, learn about the activities and specialization of specific institutions, actively participate in individual cases. Seminars on practice and supervision, organized by the Section of Practice, allow students to reflect their practical experience professionally.

Magdalena Ehrlichová, M. A.  (head of the section)
phone: +420 387 773 516
room: 4.49 
supervision and coaching in the helping professions
Dr. Helena Machulová
phone: +420 387 773 546
room: 4.49

reflective practice in social work; value ethics

Jan Sattran, M. A.
phone: +420 777 591 861
room: 4.49