Department of Education

Department of Education in its research, publication and teaching activities focuses on general pedagogy and didactics, religious education, leisure education, experiential education, social and special education, aesthetic education and philosophy of education.

Leisure Education

Leisure education is a discipline within pedagogy that aims to reflect the education of children, youth and adults in their free time. Leisure education often involves creating specific methodologies and sometimes (not quite exactly in terms of terminology) also very direct educational work with different groups in their free time.  

Aesthetic Education

Aesthetic education arts education through arts is understood at the Department of Education as a theoretical applied pedagogical discipline with a strong interdisciplinary nature. Its aim is a receptive and active aesthetic effect on students in fields close to art (art, music, drama, literature, film and media education). 

Experiential Education

You can encounter experiential education at the Deparment of Education both  at practical and theoretical research level: Methods of education by experience are used in adaptation courses for students entering Leisure Education study program - students of the this program might encounter some elements of education by experience within the optional course "Experiental Education I-III." It acquaints students with specific methods, theoretical models and historical development of this educational approach. 

In terms of research, the department focuses on the effective use of experiential approach, e.g. in the development of problem-solving competencies. We cooperate on publishing a magazine and the Internet portal Gymnasion ( Some graduates of Leisure Education study program still deal with experiential education as a part of their PhD study at Palacký University Olomouc.

Religious Education

Religious education is a discipline on the border of pedagogy and theology. The objectives, contents, methods, and institutions of religious education are justified in terms of pedagogy. Theology, however, is for religious education a metapedagogical science, from which it derives its basic principles. Next to other humanities and social sciences, theology is also a science of reference. It leads a critical dialogue with them and provides new insights and impulses.  

Ethical Education

The members of the department provide direct tution preparing teachers of ethical education within full-time and part-time study programs, and life-long learning (the accredited Further Education Courses for Teachers (DVPP) ) and also publish articles and monographs in the area of education and science teaching. Ethical education is seen as a personality cultivation in the field of ethics, i.e. practical philosophy.

Philosophy of Education

Philosophy of education as a part of philosophy or philosophical anthropology seeks philosophical foundation of education phenomena, especially teaching and education. It explores e.g. the origin and meaning of authority, relatedness between teacher and student, the concept of humanity as the targets of education etc.

Research AreaPhoto

Head of the Department

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Helena Zbudilová

phone: +420 387 773 527
room: 4.20 

Didactics of Citizenship Education
Didactics of Social Sciences
Didactics of Literature, Literary Education

Spanish and Hispanic American Literature and their cultural, philosophical and religious convergences; Theory of Fictional Worlds




Karolina Půrová, M. A.
phone: +420 387 773 556
room: 214C


Dr. Petr Bauman
phone: +420 387 773 527, 
mobile phone: +420 775 619 337
room: 4.20 

Ideological dimension of curriculum (teacher beliefs, aims of education)

Leisure Studies and Leisure Education

Philosophy for Children (philosophy as a part of primary school curriculum, philosophical dialogue and fostering thinking)


Dr. Veronika Blažek Iňová

phone: +420 387 773 558
room: 4.17

Theological Aesthetics (especially in the work of Hans Urs von Balthasar)
The Place of Theological Aesthetics in Religious Education, Catechesis, Evangelisation and Pastoral Care
Religious Pedagogy in the Practical Dimension of Religious Education and Pastoral Care
Ecumenical Dialogue in Religious Education and Interconfessional Education
Environmental Aesthetics in Its Theological Dimension

Anna Dudová, M. A.

phone: +420 389 033 529
room: 4.26
Leisure Education
Cultural Animation
Salesian Pedagogy
Museum and Gallery Animation 


Dr. Tomáš Havel

phone: +420 389 033 529
room: 4.26

Impulses of Religious Pedagogy for Czech Education and Society
Spiritual Dimension of Education / Spiritual Dimension of Schools
Diversity and Its Potential for Education
Religious-Pedagogical Aspects of the Question of Truth
Didactics of Religious Topics with Regard to Interdisciplinary Relations
Religious Education as Part of the Curriculum
Pedagogy of Franz Kett
Authentic Catechesis
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Michal Kaplánek

phone: +420 387 773 529
room: 4.26  
Practical Theology:
  • Theory and Practice
  • Youth Pastoration
  • Religious Education outside the school
Leisure Education:
  • Leisure studies
  • Animation
  • Salesian Pedagogy

Dr. Martina Kočerová

phone: +420 389 033 529
room: 4.26 

Leisure education
Outdoor Education
Kinantropology - Christian Church and Sport

Dr. Josef Nota

phone: +420 387 773 527
room: 4.20
Educational and School Psychology
Qualitative Research in the Pedagogical Environment
Specifics of Schools with Classes of Multiple Yeer-Groups
Becoming a Teacher: Building a Professional Attitude
The Personality Approach to Pedagogy
The Authentic Approach of Teachers
Experimental Drama
Forming Approaches of Teachers
Pedagogical Relationships
Psychosomatic Approach in the Education of Future Educators
Teaching for Lower Basic Schools (Years 1-5: 6-11 year-olds)

Dr. Petra Samcová

phone: +420 389 033 511

Special Education


Assoc. Prof. Dr. Stanislav Suda

phone: +420 389 033 527
room: 4.20

Qualitative Methods in the Pedagogical Environment

Personality and Social Formation

Pedagogical Communication
The Psychosomatic Approach in the Education of Future Educators and Teachers
Experimental Drama
Cultivation and Development of Self-Reflection
Autho0rial Reading, Essays
Drama Therapy
Canine Therapy
Dr. Věra Suchomelová

phone: +420 389 033 511
mobil phone: +420 728 050 173
room: 4.24

Spirituality and Religiosity in Old Age
Adult Education
Leisure activities for seniors

Dr. Zuzana Svobodová

phone: +420 389 033 529
room: 4.26

Philosophy of Education
Ethical Education
Czech Philosophy
Philosophy in the 20th Century (especially Jewish thinkers, personalists, existentialists, phenomenological philosophy, hermeneutics)
Philosophy and Theology
Connections between Religious and Cultural Education

External lecturers

Assoc. Prof. Emanuel Hurych
Spiritual Phenomena in Youth Culture
Dr.phil. Hana Chyzy

phone: +420 389 033 511
room: 4.24
Introduction to Recreology

Martina Karásková, M. A.

room:  4.20 

IT in Hobby Education (ZS)

Assoc. Prof. Dr.  Ludmila Muchová

room: 4.24

Consultant for Ph.D. Students and Supervision of Dissertations

Section for Education through Art


Dr. Michal Filip
phone: +420 389 033 511
room: 4.24 
The role of Art Education in Creativity Education
Intercultural context of visual arts
Psychology of Fine Arts

Karel Ochozka, M. A.

phone: +420 389 033 511
mobil phone: +420 775 905 687
room: 4.24 
Liturgical and Sacred Music
Developing musicality in children
Choir and Ensemble Leadership - transcription and editing of music compositions


Researcher in the Tačr project 
Dr. Richard Macků

phone: +420 387 773 529
room: 4.26
Researcher and Pedagogical Worker - TAČR 

Postrgrauduate students

Anna Dudová, M. A.

Dr. Denisa Klemscheová

Josef Mendel, M. A.

Jana Šídlová, M. A.