5 reasons for becoming an exchange/degree student at the Faculty of Theology, USB

  • The Faculty of Theology is situated in the heart of Ceske Budejovice (only 2 minutes from Premysl Otakar II Square), at the centre of historic landmarks as well as of leisure and cultural activities.


  • The Faculty of Theology, USB is located in South Bohemia - 2 hours away from Prague, 2 hours from Pilsen (European Capital of Culture 2015), 3 hours from Vienna, 3 hours from Passau, and 5 hours from Munich. Staying here can be used not only for education but also for travelling around Europe.


  • The Faculty of Theology is fully equipped - it has its own library, the 'Josef Petr Ondok´s Library', (with more than 40,000 items on theology, church history, psychology, sociology, philosophy, religious studies, education sciences, social work, politology, law and natural sciences) and its own canteen where 8 lunch meals can be ordered from Monday to Friday. During their study, students can use 2 other libraries which are located in České Budějovice: the Academic Library of USB and the Research Library.


  • The atmosphere at Faculty of Theology is both very friendly and academically inpiring and challenging.


  • Exchange students of bachelor's and master's study programmes can attend several courses provided entirely in English, German and Spanish languages, or attend a wide range of courses with instructions and materials in English, German, Spanish and Italian languages. They can choose courses on theology, religious studies, philosophy, ethics, social sciences, educational sciences, psychology, etc.
    Exchange students of doctoral study programmes can attend a complete post-graduate programme of Doctor of Theology (Th.D.) in German and English, and a post-graduate programme of Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in English.


  • Exchange students also have a unique opportunity to experience the work and projects of the specialised centres at Faculty of Theology, such as the Centre for Studies of Post-Medieval Scholasticism and the Centre of Philosophy for Children where they can learn how to teach reasoning and argumentation skills to children.