The doctoral study of philosophy

The doctoral study of philosophy at the Faculty of Theology JU is four-year long, completed with obtaining the degree Ph.D. The program is accredited in Czech and English language.

The program orientation derives from the scholarly activity of the staff of the Department of philosophy and religious studies TF JU, which focuses on both the history of philosophy and systematic philosophy. It is above all the scholastic of the High Middle Ages, philosophy of the modern period (second scholastic, Kant), philosophical anthropology, ethics and philosophy of religion.

The study takes place in several seminary groups (basic seminar common to all students of the given program, specialization seminar for small groups according to the focus of dissertation thesis and individual seminar consisting in concrete work on the dissertation under the advisorʼs supervision). All activities in the doctoral study are aimed at scholarly work whose the goal is the doctoral dissertation.

In realizing the doctoral program the Faculty of Theology JU cooperates with the Faculty of Philosophy JU and Institute of Philosophy of the Czech Academy of Sciences.

For more info contact Assoc. Prof. Dr. Tomáš Machula (mail to:


Deadline for submitting applications for study: 30th April, 2019, date of entrance exams: 20th June, 2019, administration fee: 500 CZK.

This fee is payable via bank transfer to account number: 104725778/0300 (ČSOB bank), constant code: 0308, variable code: 6020104, specific code: number generated by the system in the e-application.  How to submit your application: online; also, it is necessary to send a certified (by a notary) photocopy of your university degree certificate from the relevant field of study and also a written proposal for your dissertation project. Maximum number of students accepted: Doctoral studies: Philosophy / Philosophy (English language studies): 6. The entrance exam takes place in the form of a language test (a choice of English / German / Italian / Spanish / French / Russian; the applicant chooses a language different from the native language) and an oral interview. All applicants will be notified subsequently regarding the success of their application for study at the faculty.

Before submitting it is necessary to consult the dissertation project with a future supervisor.  


Supervisors for Ph.D. study of Philosophy:

doc. Tomáš Machula, Ph.D.,

Th.D. doc. Jakub Sirovátka,

Dr. phil. doc. Daniel Heider, Ph.D.,

doc. Jaroslav Vokoun, Th.D.,

doc. Karel Stibral, Ph.D.,

doc. Jindřich Šrajer, Dr. theol.,

The cost is 24 000 CZK per year.

More Information for Entrance Exams: