The doctoral study of charity studies

Doctoral study programme Charity Studies is intended for graduates in social work and related disciplines who are interested in humanistic topics in social work. The study lasts four years, it can be completed in the form of part-time study, too. Students in the second half of the study choose two specializations: Ethics in Social Work or Charity Work. Students in the first specialization will deepen their knowledge of ethics and its use in social work, the second ones will focus on the topics from the field of philanthropic social work, which is characterized by a strong value motivation of the helper. Furthermore, the next possible theme in Charity Work specialization will be the role of religion and spirituality in social work.The Board of Specialists is composed of experts from several Czech universities and the Universities in Linz, Austria, and Freiburg, Germany.

For more info contact doc. Michal Opatrný,



Deadline for submitting applications for study: 30th April, 2021, the date of the entrance exams: 17th June, 2021, administration fee: 500 CZK.

This fee is payable via bank transfer to account number: 104725778/0300 (ČSOB bank), constant code: 0308, variable code: 6020104, specific code: number generated by the system in the e-application.  How to submit your application: online; also, it is necessary to send a certified (by a notary) photocopy of your university degree certificate from the relevant field of study and also a written proposal for your dissertation project. Before submitting it is necessary to consult the dissertation project with a future supervisor.

Supervisors for Ph.D. study of Charity Studies:

doc. Michal Opatrný, Dr. theol.,

doc. Jindřich Šrajer, Dr. theol.,

doc. Tomáš Machula, Ph.D., Th.D.,

doc. Jakub Sirovátka, Dr. phil.,

doc. Rudolf Svoboda, Th.D.,

doc. PhDr. Jan Váně, Ph.D. (FF, University of West Bohemia in Pilsen),


Maximum number of students accepted: Doctoral studies: 6

The entrance exam takes place in the form of a language test (a choice of English / German / Italian / Spanish / French / Russian; the applicant chooses a language different from the native language) and an oral interview.

All applicants will be notified subsequently regarding the success of their application for study at the faculty.

More Information for Entrance Exams:, .