Study Research in Roma

Even though it´s the summer holiday time at the Faculty of Theology, 10 of our students (Jan Bernas, Barbora Landova, Marie Nemcova, Magdalena Machulova, Lukas Mares, Pavel Kilbergr, Karel Klozar, Vendula Krizkova, Vaclav Kucera and Simona Pokorna) spent a study-research month in Roma, Italy. All of them attended a 3-week Latin course organized by POLIS The Jerusalem Institute of Languages and Humanities whose teaching method is unique as they teach the dead languages the same way as the live ones.
Pavel Kilbergr mentioned the course: "This course has a great potential to shift the knowledge of Latin from pure theory into practical use, ... I can see the greatest benefit in Latin conversations." Karel Klozar added: "I consider the improvement in Latin to be significant, I have gained a "sense" for this language which I reflect especially in reading which is now much easier."

In the remaining days, the students dedicated their time to self-study and research in local libraries, church institutions or museums as well as culture experience. Barbora Landová wrote: "During my research, I studied about judaism, read books, visited one of the largest synagogues in Europe as well as a Hebrew museum."

Faculty of Theology is delighted that under both the faculty and university financial support the students were able to attend the course. They value it as beneficial for their personal and professional growth. At the same time, who knows, maybe they will surprise us with their other Latin-related actions. Barbora Landová said: "I have to say that I have improved in the Latin language and got more involved in it. At the same time, some people liked it so much that we thought about its further use and we thought we could create a theater group to play theater in Latin. "