Information about the coronavirus outbreak

  • Unfortunately, the personal presence of students and participants in lifelong learning courses at classes is not possible due to the persisting unfavorable epidemic situation. The tuition will take place online via MS Teams, Moodle platforms, and communication via e-mail.
  • Full-time participation in test and oral exams (or other forms of knowledge  testing) is possible in groups up to 10 people at a time in one room.
  • For students performing pedagogical practical training or any other form of practice, it is possible to continue in their practical activities.
  • It is possible to use the J. P. Ondok Library at TF and the Academic Library but just for the purpose of picking up or returning study literature through the duly prepared window.
  • Please respect the MHS rule: MASKS - HANDS - SPACING. Please use respirátory protection such as masks, respirators, scarfs, shawls or other means to prevent the spread of droplets. Please, disinfect your hands regularly and keep safe distances.


A detailed description of the measures valid at the University of South Bohemia  can be found here: