Doc. Daniel Heider achieved the Rector's Prize

At the meeting of the Scientific Board of the University of South Bohemia on April 16, 2015 the Rector, Prof. JU. Libor Grubhoffer doc., awarded doc. Heider by the Rector's Prize for prestigious scientific publication in 2014.

USB Rector's Prize for prestigious scientific publication in 2014 Section of humanities and linguistic fields
Name: Universals in Second Scholasticism. A comparative study with focus on the theories of Francisco Suárez SJ (1548-1617), João Poinsot O.P. (1589 - 1644) and Bartolomeo Mastri da Meldola O.F.M. Conv. (1602 - 1673) / Bonaventura Belluto O.F.M. Conv. (1600 - 1676) Amsterdam, John Benjamins Publishing Co., 2014, Author: doc. Mgr. Daniel Heider, Ph.D. (Faculty of Theology)

The book aims to present a comparative analysis of the philosophical theories of universals on the example of the most important representatives of the main thought schools of early modern scholastic thinking. The book is
the first detailed comparative study on the issue of universals in early modern scholasticism, which reflects the metaphysical and epistemological nature of the issue. The book published in the prestigious publishing house summarizes several years of work on the issue of one of the problems
discussed in the baroque metaphysics. The research on the sources of renaissance and baroque scholastic metaphysics is currently booming and the Czech historical-philosophical school founded by prof. Sousedík has already gained international recognition.