Erasmus+ KA:2 Strategic Partnerships Project Meeting at Freiburg, Germany
Study visit at CLYS, Ireland under Erasmus + KA: 2 Project of Strategic Partnerships
NEW Erasmus+ students at Faculty of Theology
Budweis - Bamberg Workshop, Winter 2019
7th International Staff Week, USB participants at the Faculty of Theology
Petra Tlčimuková is an AKTION Fellow in Religious Studies
Study Research in Roma
Erasmus+ STT shadowing mobilility at CampFest SK, Slovakia
Assoc. Prof. Jakub Sirovatka at University of Hildesheim
Participation in 2nd International Week at Liepaja University
The success of Jane Elkhawad
Erasmus+ visits from Slovakia at Faculty of Theology
Erasmus+ Visit from Bayburt University, Turkey at Faculty of Theology, USB
Mag. Angelina Kratschanova, BA, EMBA from Catholic Private University Linz at Faculty of Theology, USB
Dr. Věra Suchomelová at Chichester
Training of Prison Chaplains with Regard to the Specifics of the Prison Environment
Human Dignity between Anthropology and Metaphysics. Pedro de Ledesma (1544-1616) and His Contemporaries
Spirituality and Social Ethics in Social Work
Information on applications for doctoral study programmes at the FACULTY OF THEOLOGY, USB
How to apply to study at Faculty of Theology USB
In its research and teaching activities the Faculty of Theology focuses on theology and philosophy as well as social work and education, where the emphasis is put on the Christian ethical and social values. The applicants can choose from a range of bachelor, master's and doctoral programs, as well as the programs of lifelong learning.
The doctoral study of charity theory
First issue of Caritas et veritas in this year
The doctoral study of philosophy
The doctoral study of theology
International Conference: Pedro Hurtado de Mendoza (1578-1641): System, Sources and Influence
Doc. Daniel Heider achieved the Rector's Prize
At the meeting of the Scientific Board of the University of South Bohemia on April 16, 2015 the Rector, Prof. JU. Libor Grubhoffer doc., awarded doc. Heider by the Rector's Prize for prestigious scientific publication in 2014.
The new issue of the Caritas et Veritas journal
University of South Bohemia awarded two doctorates Honoris Causa
The University appreciated the outstanding Czech literary historian and critic Jaroslav Med and the outstanding Canadian expert in philosophizing with children Michel Sasseville with the title of Doctor Honoris Causa.
Regular services in the faculty chapel in winter semester 2015/16