International Conference The Place of Theology in the Theories and Methods of Social Work: Potentials and Risks

Thursday 2 November 2017 Whole day


Friday 3 November 2017 Whole day

Social work is not only an interdisciplinary field based on theories and various methods in particular social sciences and humanities. It adapts them in order to help clients. It is also a trans-disciplinary
field for its need of epistemological and ontological knowledge. This kind of knowledge allows the right choice of theories and methods from other areas and fields to make the right decisions of the
appropriate form for their application in practice. The conference will thus examine what kind of potentials and risks that theology presents for social work on both the epistemological and
ontological level, as well as on the level of application.


Thursday  2th November 2017

9:30-12:30 am, Room 3

 Role of Theology in Education in the Field of Social Work

prof. Beate Hofmann,  Germany

 Theological Ethics in Social Work

prof. Stephanie Bohlen, Germany

 Standards of Education in Social Work in the Czech Republic

Dr. Markéta Elich, Czech Republic

14:00-17:00 pm, Room 3

 Potential and Risks of Implementing the Theology Teaching in Study Programs in Social Work

 prof. Wiesław Przygoda, Poland

 Dr. Jozef Žuffa, Bratislava, Slovakia

 Dr. Jakub Doležel, Czech Republic

 Dr. František Burda, Czech Republic


Friday  3th November 2017

 8:30-11:45 am, Room 3

 1st Section: Theory of Charity and Role of Theology in Social Work

 Among Many Chairs. The Science about Charity as an Interdisciplinary Discipline of Practical Theology

prof. Klaus Baumann, Germany

 Potentials and Risks of the Integration of Theology

prof. Peter Fonk, Germany

 Interpenetrations between Social Work, Theology and Diakonia in Theory and Practice? A system-theoretical-constructivist perspective

Elen Eidt, Germany

 Integration of Theology in the Master in Social Development at UCAM

Reiner Gehrig, Spain


 Friday  3th November 2017

 8:30-12:00 am, Room 4.04

 2nd Section: Theological Ethics in Social Work   

 Socially-Charitable Activity of the Church in the Modern Welfare System

doc. Tadeusz Kamiński, Poland

 Social Work and/or Theology – Social Work in Higher Education in Hungary

doc. Nándor Birher, Hungary

 Social work at the Bedside: Incorporating spiritually competent Care as an ethical Imperative

Dr. Robert Doyle, USA

 Theological Ethics in Social Work

doc. Jindřich Šrajer, Czech Republic                                            

Venue and organizer:
The University of South Bohemia in České Budějovice

Faculty of Theology
Department of Ethics, Psychology and Charity Wok
Kněžská 8, České Budějovice
Lecture hall no. 3 (ground floor)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          

Signing in for the active participation:

Contributions to the conference can be submitted in the third block, either in the section Social Work and Theory of Charity and Diacony or in the section Social Work, Ethics and Social Ethics. The
topic of the paper must correspond to the intent of the sections and the whole conference.Your paper must follow the format requirements (1500-3000 characters including spaces). The
deadline is the 30th of September 2017. Please, send your paper to this contact email:

The preparatory committee will carry out an assessment of the submitted contributions. The selected papers will be presented at the conference. The fee for active participation is CZK 500. You will be informed about the method of payment together with the announcement whether your paper is accepted for presentation at the conference.

Signing up for passive participation:

The passive participants should sign up by 31. 10. 2017 to this contact email:

Passive participation is free of charge. For both active and passive participants, the confirmation of participation at the conference will be issued. The conference program foresees a minimum length of 10 hours for both days.

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